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Zebra Inductor

Aardvark Chute Technology

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Mantissa's Aardvark Chute Technology establishes a way for our customers to leverage their capital investment in automated systems by reducing the amount of required floor space. The bottom line: more sorts per square foot per dollar invested.

The Aardvark is one of Mantissa's patented innovations that makes "Sortation Simplified" for our customers. With Aardvark technology, distribution facilities can sort the widest product range available to multiple destinations.


ZebraZebra Inductor

Aardvark Chute Technology Strengths

  • Highest density of sort destinations available
  • Chutes can accomodate different products of varying sizes and handling characteristics
  • Ability to sort plastic bags (such as apparel) and corrugated boxes (such as footwear) in the same chute
  • Innovative design protected by multiple patents
  • Proven technology with over 5,000 destinations in service
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