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About Mantissa

We are Mantissa Corporation.
Leaders in Material Handling Systems.

“It started out as just another harebrained idea. A material handling company that would be different from the others...”

A company that would really respond to the material handling needs of industry.

A company that would deal in solutions, not sales.

Backed by solid engineering and a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, the company would utilize the obvious, the clever, the unheard of, and then improve upon them. It would invent, innovate, and fabricate.

It would be cost conscious, yet quality would underscore every facet of the business.

That idea became Mantissa Corporation.


Applying simple design and leading-edge technology, we will solve our customers' material handling problems with intelligent yet flexible solutions, while ensuring superior quality in all that we do. By embracing our mission with fun and passion, we will create value for both our customers and ourselves.


We aspire to be the premier provider of sortation technology in the world, expanding our markets by pursuing the continued development of our people, products, and processes. To achieve our goals, we will work smarter while fostering creativity, effective communication, and respect for one another. In realizing our vision, the company and our people will not only survive but thrive!

What is Mantissa?

Mantissa Corporation was founded in 1972 as a material handling installation and repair company in Charlotte, NC. Today, Mantissa Corporation is a systems integrator of custom designed material handling systems for a broad spectrum of industries and products in diverse locations.

Specializing in high speed sortation, Mantissa is recognized as one of the leading providers of sortation innovation and technology in the marketplace.

Near and far, large and small, simple and complex - Mantissa takes a comprehensive approach in developing a solution which will, in fact, solve a material handling problem. Based on the customer's objectives, a design is developed by employing talents for innovation and fabrication, utilizing project-proven components to insure an efficient and cost effective system.

Quality and an attention to detail permeate every Mantissa project, from inception to the actual on-site installation. But the job doesn't stop there. Maintenance, training, and support are an integral part of every Mantissa system.

The Mantissa Value System.

These are the things we value and will protect, shaping everything we do.

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