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Green Drive

High Efficiency Green Drive ™

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The Mantissa Green Drive is a patented exclusive and innovative drive module featuring high energy efficiency. The drive is optimally designed to utilize up to 75% less energy while providing 140% greater thrust compared to linear induction motors (LIMs). In addition to its unsurpassed combination of performance and efficiency, its simple design delivers the lowest product life cycle operating cost for any drive system in the marketplace.

Incorporating standard industrial elements, the Green Drive's unique configuration eliminates the need for costly high strength magnets as used in Linear Synchronous Motors (LSMs). The Green Drive's simplified design requires no external cooling devices or complex controls, allowing quick and easy maintenance with virtually silent operation.

Green Drive Green Drive

Green Drive Strengths

  • Utilizes 75% LESS ENERGY than Linear Induction Motors
  • Virtually silent operation reduces ambient noise levels in work environment
  • Provides 140% Greater Thrust than Linear Induction Motors
  • Dual opposed drive rollers produce thrust without creating external forces on sorter components
  • Eliminates the need for complex reaction plates or expensive magnets required to operate LSM or LIM Systems
  • Individual thermal overloads protect each motor
  • NO external cooling devices needed
  • NO complex controls which can impede maintenance
  • Fewer drives required per system compared to LIM or LSM technology
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Fewer drive modules required than systems using LIMs resulting in lower system price
  • Delivers the lowest product life cycle operating cost for any drive system in the marketplace
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