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Sortation System Case Study: Lands' End, Inc.


Lands' End, Inc.
Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Lands’ End, Inc., is a leading national and international catalog and Internet mail order company distributing apparel, shoes, soft luggage, and domestic goods direct to their customers.

The Challenge

In order to handle increased business growth, Lands’ End expanded its facility in Reedsburg, Wisconsin by 178,000 square feet. This expansion was equipped to fill orders for merchandise from the Lands’ End Coming Home (household), Kids (flat apparel), and hanging apparel lines. The expansion also allowed Lands’ End to divert some merchandise from its main Dodgeville, Wisconsin facility.

The Mantissa Solution

A central feature of the Reedsburg expansion was the requirement for an automated sortation system serving both the order packing and shipping functions. The packing segment of the sortation system sorted batch picked merchandise into orders to be packed. Following packing, completed orders were reinducted onto the sortation system to be delivered to outbound trailer loading conveyors or to shipping chutes.

The sortation system implemented by Mantissa incorporated a Scorpion® Traditional Tilt system 830’-0” long with 200 sort destinations, and two automatic inductors. The sortation system was designed to process 10,500 items per hour, and provided Lands’ End the capability to sort a wide variety of merchandise (cartons for hanging garments, shipping bags for mail order, and large bulky items, such as pillows and comforters for Coming Home) on the same sortation system.

Through the implementation of this multi-functional sortation process, Lands’ End continues to provide its customers with the highest level of response to their order.

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