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Sortation System Case Study: New Balance - MA


New Balance Athletic Shoes - MA
Ontario, California

New Balance Athletic Shoes, Inc., is one of the largest high performance athletic footwear and apparel companies in the world, specializing in high quality exercise shoes offered in various widths and distributed to athletic shoe and sporting good stores in over 120 countries.

The Challenge

Projected continued high growth necessitated the creation of a new facility that would provide New Balance customers with a higher level of service and facilitate the processing of shoe and apparel unit forecast projections through year 2001 and beyond.

The Mantissa Solution

Mantissa was chosen to install and implement the Mantissa Scorpion® tilt-tray sortation system using the “cross sort” chute design. This is a unique way to optimize space and increase the number of sort positions without increasing the size of the sorter. Product is sorted to direct flow chutes located on both the inside and outside of the tilt-tray sorter. These chutes are constructed such that shoeboxes descend with a horizontal width-wise orientation allowing multiple shoeboxes to queue along the length of the chute to the end stop.

Additionally, Mantissa incorporated into the system a light-directed “case complete” signal which indicates that an order is complete in the chute and that the case is ready to be packed by an operator. In order to accommodate different induction and sortation elevations, Mantissa provided a bi-planar system.

By automating their packing system, New Balance has increased their throughput, consolidated their distribution operations, and raised the standard of responsiveness to customers, both cost-effectively and efficiently.

According to the Distribution Manager of the Lawrence facility, “The Mantissa sortation system provides New Balance the luxury of high speed sortation and next day shipment of orders”.

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