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Sortation System Case Study: Phillips-Van Heusen


Phillips-Van Heusen
Jonesville, North Carolina

Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH) is one of the leading apparel and footwear companies in the world. Its roster of brands includes Van Heusen, G.H.Bass & Co., Geoffrey Beene, DKNY dress shirt, the John Henry and Manhattan dress shirt brands, and three sportswear brands: Izod, including Izod Club authentic pro-golf apparel, Van Heusen Sportswear, and Geoffrey Beene Sportswear.

The Challenge

PVH experienced 300% sales growth within a three-year period. Mantissa’s overall design mandate for their distribution facility was to support growing distribution demands in the most productive, cost effective method possible while achieving high levels of customer service. PVH needed a material handling system that would maintain superior inventory control and integrate all production procedures via high-speed sortation.

The Mantissa Solution

Mantissa designed and implemented a multi-functional sortation system, which inducts full cases, shoeboxes, and apparel in polybags onto a tilt-tray sorter at either of two induction areas. The tilt-tray sorter at the PVH facility is 1,200 feet long and is fed by nearly a mile of conveyor. The sorter runs at a speed of 350 feet per minute and performs roughly 18,000 sorts per hour. Approximately 40% of the full cases received have a shipping label automatically applied and are then “cross-docked” via the sorter directly to the shipping lanes. The rest are palletized and taken to Bulk Storage, or sorted to Special Handling / Quality Control or to the Case Break Area. From Case Break, product is inducted back onto the sorter to be repacked, automatically labeled and shipped or inventoried.

The PVH Distribution Center sets the standard in industry for world-class distribution with its high-tech material handling innovation and integrated warehouse management system.

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