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Sortation System Case Study: Ralph Lauren Media and


Ralph Lauren Media /
Bowling Green, KY

Ralph Lauren Media is a joint venture with Polo Ralph Lauren, NBC and three of NBC’s affiliated companies – ValueVision International, NBC Internet, and to bring Polo Ralph Lauren to consumers via the Internet, broadcast, cable and print. Polo Ralph Lauren is an international leader in design, marketing and distribution of apparel, home, accessories and fragrances.

The Challenge

To meet the anticipated demands of increased marketing and the launching of a new e-commerce web site, Ralph Lauren Media designed and implemented a new distribution center to manage their growing distribution needs.

The Mantissa Solution

Mantissa engineered a tilt-tray sortation system 550 feet long, with a capacity of 10,000 trays per hour, encompassing both packing and shipping functions on one machine.

The packing operation consists of manual induction onto trays where an overhead omni-directional scanner reads the UPC code. Destinations into 125 double level, single cell chutes are determined by Mantissa Merlin™ software technology that supports custom distribution applications. The chutes are designed to become double cell chutes, which would double the number of sort locations as needed in the future. Each packing chute contains a dual light/button module that annunciates the status of the chute. Once the light module turns on, the order is complete and ready to be packed by an operator for shipping.

Additionally, Mantissa designed and supplied custom pack stations that incorporate all packing and labeling supplies with mobility to service multiple chute locations.

The shipping operation consists of two automatic induction units incorporating in-motion scales with overhead omni-directional scanning onto single and double tray loads. The sorter diverts into five shipping container chutes and four direct-to-trailer chutes with powered and gravity extendible units.

The success and efficiencies achieved in processing internet sales has allowed Ralph Lauren Media to expand their processing through this facility to include sales from the ValueVision cable television network as well.

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