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Scorpion Sortation System Scorpion

Since 1973, Mantissa Corporation has been a leading provider of innovative material handling technology. With this experience and more than 25 patents, the Mantissa Scorpion sorter has been engineered to ensure fast, quiet, accurate operation - establishing a new standard in high speed sortation systems.

Using the Scorpion Sortation System and its components, Mantissa Systems can be built to sort shirts, shoes, flats, books, boxes, baggage, and much more.

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Scorpion Sortation Systems are designed and constructed using innovative Mantissa components:

Green Drive Green Drive

The Mantissa Green Drive is a patented exclusive and innovative drive module featuring high energy efficiency...

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Cross Belt X-Belt

The Cross Belt is the latest in the Scorpion suite of products and is fully interchangeable with existing systems.

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P-Tilt P-Tilt

P-Tilt (Powered Tilt) is an independent, electrically controlled divert mechanism used to accurately discharge a wide range of products...

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Zebra Automatic Inductor Zebra Inductor

Through belt synchronization and acceleration, the Zebra Automatic Inductor ensures consistent placement of product onto the sorter...

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Aardvark Chute Technology Aardvark

Aardvark establishes a way for customers to leverage their capital investment in automated systems by reducing amount of floor space required.

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Custom Controls Systems Controls

We develop our own custom controls software to drive our systems. There are two primary systems: Merlin and Destination...

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Mantissa Products are known globally for their outstanding performance.

Since 1973, Mantissa has been producing world-class sortation products. Our reputation has brought many global leaders to our door, seeking solutions to their sortation needs.

Great clients, great systems - a great collaboration.

We're proud to service many of the world's top ranked brands. Add your name to the list; get started on your sortation system today by calling us at (704)525-1749.