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Scorpion Sortation System
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Since 1973, Mantissa Corporation has been a leading provider of innovative material handling technology. With this experience and more than 25 patents, the Mantissa Scorpion sorter has been engineered to ensure fast, quiet, accurate operation - establishing a new standard in high speed sortation.

Mantissa's Scorpion Sorters can be built to sort shirts, shoes, books, boxes, baggage, and much more.

How does the Scorpion Work?

Product is placed, either manually or automatically, onto trays of the sorter. Responding to thousands of independent, real-time computer commands every second, the sorter transports each item to its predetermined chute destination. The tray then discharges, allowing product to slide down the chute for further processing.

There are eight major components of the Scorpion sorter:

Scorpion Diagram

What materials can you convey and sort?

Well, what materials do YOU need to sort? What are your maximum and minimum product dimensions and a rough weight approximation? What's the floor plan of the facility?

Our representatives will ask many questions to help us determine what would best serve your sorting needs. Using this information we can design and build your sorter.

Many of the components included in a Mantissa Scorpion ® Sortation System are covered by one or more of the following Patents: #5,220,986 #5,372,234 #4,984,674 #D361,709 #5,649,617 #5,836,436 #6,003,656 #6,009,992 #6,050,390 #6,095,314 #6,112,879 #6,158,568 #6,206,170 #6,298,975 #6,367,610 #6382392 B1 #6,715,599. More patents are pending and some are being invented today!

Benefits of the Scorpion Sorter


  • A choice of drive technology with hot backup
  • Capable of speeds greater than 400 ft. / minute (2.0 meters / second)
  • Multiple radii of curves available 8’ (2.4 m), 10’ (3.0 m), 12’ (3.7 m), 14’ (4.3 m)
  • Mono-planar or bi-planar elevations available in both straight and curved track sections
  • Multiple tilt profiles available
  • Product capacity of.1 lb. - 150 lb. (.05 kG – 68 kG)
  • Tray centers 12” - 46” (.3 m – 1.2 m)
  • Controlled tray tilting on either side
  • Double tray sorting for longer products
  • Custom chute design
  • Open controls architecture with no proprietary “black boxes”


  • “Green” Quick Ship packing methods reduce waste
  • High Efficiency Green Drive™ module is an option
  • Low voltage (24 VDC) device components
  • Virtually silent operation reduces ambient noise levels in work environment


  • Cascade error free tipping
  • Controlled tray realignment
  • Proven sortation rates of 3000 items to over 50,000 items per hour
Scorpion Benefits


  • Modular construction facilitates installation
  • Pre-assembled drive units, tippers, fins and axles
  • UL Certified and pre-tested panels
  • Minimal field welding and painting


  • Open framework architecture allows for easy component accessibility
  • Simplified design means less moving parts to wear
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Requires no lubrication or Take Up
  • Minimum maintenance
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