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A devotion to our client and product.
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Sortation is the challenge of putting the right thing in the right place at the right time. For your business this could be a pair of shoes, boxes, or a piece of luggage. For us, it's about making sure that you are receiving the proper care and instruction you need to ensure that our Sortation Systems are performing optimally for you.

Mantissa Services.
An essential key to optimal performance of your Sortation System.

Your Sortation System is an integral part of your organization's operations. Mantissa offers several services to help keep your system performing at an optimum level.

Bronze/Silver/Gold (B/S/G)
Preventative Maintenance Program

The Mantissa Bronze/Silver/Gold Program is an organized and cost-effective endeavor to enhance and support the established maintenance and service efforts of our customers. This program is designed with flexibility to meet the diverse needs and circumstances of our clients, including varying levels and expertise of maintenance staff, differing amounts of machine use, and unique business philosophies.

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Supporting Our Systems (SOS)

Everyone knows that SOS is a universal call for help. But at Mantissa the term has come to mean Supporting Our Systems – our program for providing qualified Mantissa resources outside of our normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST) to assist customers in getting their equipment back into service in the unlikely event of a system failure.

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Maintenance Man

The Maintenance Man service is offered to provide a Mantissa maintenance professional at your facility to perform or oversee routine mechanical maintenance tasks as outlined in your Mantissa Maintenance and Operations Manual.

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System Audit

System Audit service provides a comprehensive evaluation that details the current operational state of your system. An analysis is performed of how well the system functions overall with respect to Mantissa authored software for sorter control and operation.

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Supplemental Training

Supplemental Training is an educational service offered to refresh existing personnel or train new hires by a Mantissa expert in one of three areas; Supervisory, Maintenance or Operational fundamentals in working with your Mantissa system. Designed to complement your system documentation, the sessions are held in a classroom environment allowing individuals to participate with questions that apply specifically to their job responsibilities. Additionally, actual hands-on training can be provided on the system, if the production schedule allows.

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Processing Warranty Claims

We will swap out damaged parts which are covered under your warranty. Contact Customer Service with the affected part numbers and details of failure to begin your return.

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