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Zebra Inductor

Zebra Automatic Inductor

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The Zebra Inductor from Mantissa Corporation establishes an entirely new standard of induction technology that minimizes costly downtime. Through belt synchronization and acceleration, the Zebra ensures consistent placement of product onto the sorter.

Mantissa's Destination ™ control software with integrated Profibus network establishes inline dimensioning and positioning of product, creating intelligent induction. Meanwhile, Mantissa's patented Quick Change ™ belts eliminate the perennial headache of belt maintenance, reducing it to a mere three-minute task.


ZebraZebra Inductor

Zebra Automatic Inductor Strengths

  • Unique cantilevered bed design allows quick change of belts, rollers, and drives
  • Auto tensioning prevents misadjustment, stretching, and damage of belts
  • Sleep mode with high efficiency motor/drive combination
  • Modular construction allows tailoring of inductor length, width, and stages to accommodate specific product
  • Single and multiple tray loading
  • Throughput rates from 35-70 items per minute
  • Dynamic algorithms allow for a wider range of products that can be inducted
  • Seamless integration with auxiliary processes such as scanning, weighing, dimensioning/cubing, and labeling
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